Self-love: the greatest healer-

Self love… when said you must be thinking it is being selfish? it’s a common belief that until when a person can’t care and love themselves, they can’t love anyone else. You have to be yourself despite when someone rejects your existence. And giving priority to yourself is self-love. Self-love: the greatest healer-Trying to discover your personal happiness, Thinking about yourselves, your future concerns plus your carrier.

Ever worked on your personality? Ever tried to improve yourself? The answer is “No”. I wanna know from you all –why man! It’s your growing age and this is the time when you can polish your talent. Rather than wasting time to impress someone, try to impress your self. This will surely give you internal and eternal happiness.

Are you impressed by yourself? Again the answer will be “No”. Cool! When you yourself is not convinced about what you are. How can you expect others to love you?

Here are some ways through which you can adapt self love –

1) Always know your importance – You are important and you matter to yourself a lot. Stay away from the things which hurt you. Understand your worth. Even if loving someone who doesn’t love you back hurts you. Leave that person, change your path. There are solutions to every problem. Look for your happiness first making sure that you don’t hurt a person intentionally.

2) Your wants and needs – Stop thinking about what others will think? Others will say, etc. If it’s giving you happiness, go with that without a doubt on it. You will notice that the things which give you happiness, never let you down. Because when you happily do something, you become perfect at it. So, never wait for someone to comment. Do it because you love it. You will find the change.

3) Give yourself compliments every day – why to wait for someone’s comment? You too have eyes I guess. You can see how you look. Try to appreciate your looks, you are beautiful the way you are. Because we all are God’s creation, and God never makes mistakes. If you think you look good, you will develop confidence in yourself and this will keep you happy always.

4) Never fear to say “No”– Everyone wants to be a priority, right? If someone chooses you as an option. Remember to say a big “No”. This is not an ego man! It’s called as a self-respect. If you respect yourself and love yourself, try to maintain your self-respect. It will make your character strong. And you will never feel down.

5) Don’t open yourself to others way too much – in nutshell don’t let a person know your weakness and strength way too much. keep it aloof even wjen the person is too close. “Closeness doesn’t guarantee forever” – sweeti. always Maintain a proper distance from others. Totally imposing yourself to others will not give you anything but sadness. There should be privacy between you and your thoughts.

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Always remember guys! Never be too much available for others, otherwise, you will lose your importance. I hope this blog helps you. Thank you.

Don’t mislead your juniors by saying marks isn’t important.

Marks is your ability to prove your knowledge and snatch your seat.

Hello friends! Today I’m gonna put my views on the topic – For a student, Is marks /percentage of boards / other exams important or not ? After CBSE released the boards result , many got excellent percentages , many got just average and many failed. Marks can judge your efforts not your future. A person cannot get 90% without putting efforts. May be in future you excel inspite of getting less marks in boards. But it can only happen if you work hard and get good marks later. So, at the end marks is important.

I saw many posts in which people have consolidated the students saying marks isn’t important, it doesn’t decide your intelligence and your future. To them I wanna say – Ask the importance of marks from a person who failed in boards. Is marks important for him/her or not? Will he/she eligible for any exams in future? If you say it’s the society who have imposed that mentality that failures can’t achieve anything. It’s true to say that failures are the pillar of success. But to succeed ,you have to work hard. And if you really work hard, you will never fail. Why to be failure first and then succeed? Why can’t you encourage your juniors and children to work hard from the very beginning?

Why today’s consolidation hamper next generation? It’s the rarest of the rare case in which a failure becomes IAS and for becoming an IAS officer you need marks. Now tell me , Is marks not important? For each and every exam marks is important. You will be always judged by your marks and your performance. It’s the bitter truth, accept it or not ,it won’t be changed.

Tell me one thing, what if your parents have never told you about the importance of board exams? Had you really studied after knowing this? No one will study if there will be no marks /percentage criteria. Then your results hadn’t be more than 70%, like you used to get in 7th , 8th standard. Pressure is important to study as everyone doesn’t have that Inborn dedication. So, don’t try to mislead your juniors saying them marks isn’t important. We all know, to get a good impression marks is important.

Boards result shows not only your percentage but also your efforts. How much attention you have paid to your studies? How honest you are towards your goals? Yes, it doesn’t show how intelligent you are because you must be not good in studies but excellent in other fields. A person getting less marks in studies may be the world champion in football, basketball or tennis. It’s absolutely wrong to judge a person’s intelligence by his/her marks because his intelligence may be in other fields not in studies. You should always follow your field of interest. You will surely succeed then.

Boards moto is not to judge you, rather they tell you the importance of studies and marks in your future and in your life. They encourage you to work hard, get good marks and get the bright future ahead.

It’s not guarantee that good marks lead you to the stars but still it makes you capable to find that star.


Getting good marks shows the amount of knowledge you gained. And if you have knowledge you will not sit idol. School time is the time when you can actually gain as much of knowledge as you can. Study for your knowledge, marks will surely follow.

Marks is important to get admission into top private colleges as well as some government colleges. It’s not a big deal to get good marks, all you have to do is be honest in studies. And at the end , according to me, marks is important.

I hope you agree with this and if not comment below. Thank you.

Lockdown – A lesson for everyone.

Lockdown! This is not just a word, it’s a change. I don’t know whether this change is for good or bad. But ofcourse it’s a learning phase for each one of us. It taught us many things. We came to know about out priorities and things which actually matters. The things and the people whom we thought to be important was not genuinely not . We can live with few people around us. We don’t need to have so much of fame and security. Even people having lots of security are suffering from corona . To earn money is important but the thing which is more important than that is saving. Ones who haven’t saved anything, is suffering now. This is the time when you can’t even blame anyone. All we can do is just try to learn from all this.

Saving for future consumption.

Agree or not but every time we hear about the end of this lockdown. We have that mixed feeling in our mind that do we really wanna go back to the normal days or not? And even if we want to, what are the things which we really need to be back. Why the hell mind is so confused? Were we not happy in our past days? Many questions arises from this. Let’s find out what actually make us feel so.

Yes, we all were not happy in our past days, rather we pretended to be happy. We prepared our mind to accept everything which made us uncomfortable and uneasy. Because we had no other option left with us. We all were tired of all this stuffs – The greed, attitude, ego, jealously, betrayal, anger,selfishness, boasting , fake people, etc. Lockdown ended everything and left us helpless. We realised that these things weren’t important. Love everyone even if you don’t get loved by everyone in return. Life is short, live it by your actions not your words.

At the beginning, it was all like something new happened in the world. People were excited about the new trends and they keep themselves busy updating the picture of themselves baking, cooking, playing, and many latest things. I realized, it’s not necessary to be so busy. We actually need not to be so busy.We can make out time for our family and friends. We have time for everything. It’s all about your willingness. I came to know that no one is more important than your family. The actual happiness for which we all were searching all around the world is present in our homes.

By self musing you can understand this concept.

Keep yourself surrounded with people who are real and true . The ones who really cares about you and genuinely loves you. You may not have many friends but you will surely have the true ones. This will keep you positive and happy. This lockdown taught me that not everyone matters. It’s better to keep quite and listen to others rather than engaging in controversies with them. It end up having nothing but a tensed mind. You cannot make everyone understand you. And even it’s not necessary to be loved and cared by everyone.

Many must have realised that to cook is not a big deal. Just watch recepies and have a perfect meal for yourself. The lockdown have negative impacts as well. Lockdown taught me that we cannot take everything for granted. There are few things which are actually important. Like your studies, exercise, help your mother in households, help your father, give water to plants, give time to your siblings, your friends, your partner.

This lockdown made me realize that it’s important to give your time to genuine people. There should not be any communication gap. Time is the most precious thing which you can offer to anyone.

Happiness doesn’t cost you much if you pay it on right people.

– sweeti

I hope you must have enjoyed reading this blog by realising the reality. Thank you.

How to have control over our mind?

– By sweeti

That which consumes your mind, controls your life.


“Your mind can be your greatest friend if you control it , but if it controls you it can be your greatest enemy.” Try to have control over your mind . It’s one of the most difficult task but if you do so, you will be the most successful person on this planet. Mind is the fastest thing in the world. Its your body which is relaxing on a chair but your mind must be roaming all over the world ,within few seconds. It’s not people , Its always your own thought which makes you happy or sad . Rather than blaming others , try to change yourself, try to avoid Overthinking and stop expecting with others. Be happy and satisfied in whatever you have . Self satisfaction is the key to happiness.

Mind control is a character strength that improves the quality of your life. Let’s assume a case – You promised and choosed to love a person and do things for him /her. So, why to expect the same thing to be done by others. They haven’t promised you. It’s you who have assumed that if you help him /her, they will do the same. So, whose fault is this? Obviously it’s your fault. Try to have control over your mind and your body. And because it’s your own property you have the right to control it. You cannot control anyone else in this world. You can neither change a person nor impose your thoughts upon them. All you can do is let go things.

You have to train your mind to be tougher than your feelings and your sentiments. Don’t let your heart dominate over your mind. It’s your mind which is capable to think about you and your future. Your heart just know to beat and feel. So, it’s all your choice, what to give priority and to what not and work accordingly.

You must be thinking why to control mind?

1) It provides you happiness and peace of mind.

2) It nourishes your personality.

3) It helps you to increase your concentration level.

4) It makes you work more precisely and confidently.

5) It provides you courage to face with difficult situations.

6) It keeps you in good mental and physical health.

Ways to control your mind :-

1) Try not to get affected with likes and dislikes. – “kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam h kehna” We have this quotation in hindi which is very true. If someone dislikes you, never make yourself sad. Everyone has difference taste. You cannot please everyone around you. If you like something or someone. You cannot make everyone like that thing. Everyone has their own views about things. Try to be mature and have control over your mind. You need not show your inner feelings always. This shows your weakness. Try to keep few things private about yourself.

2) Avoid having a feeling of frequent guilt – you should always be calm and in a jolly mood. We often speak nonsense to someone or abuse them and feel guilty for that after sometime . Why to feel guilty? Will feeling guilty make everything ok again? Your answer will be “No”. They must have done something to you before, for that you have taken revenge by abusing them. It’s according to Newton’s third law- every action has equal and opposite reaction. So, rather than feeling guilty try to have control over your mind and try not to repeat the same mistakes again . Think before what you speak and what you do. Use your brain smartly. Don’t make it diseased by always thinking negative and feeling guilty.

3) Try to live a moral life– it’s very difficult to find someone well mannered and disciplined these days. No one actually cares about the things which really matters about your personality and your character. The way you behave defines your background . It’s your mind which is making you aggressive and short- tempered . This will not harm anyone else but you. It’s making you dull day by day. Try to live a moral life. It helps you to be healthy and happy.

4) Avoid interference in others life – A person who lacks interest in their life tend to interfere in others lives. Try to avoid gossips. It makes your mind still and take your mind in a wrong direction. Try to use your brain, don’t misuse it wrongly. Put your mind in fruitful things.

5) Avoid vain controversy – Try to keep yourself away from foolish controversies. Don’t waste your mind in worthless topics. It only disturbs your mind and nothing else.

6) Try to intake only satvik foods – it’s believed that eating satvik food keeps you cheerful. You feel your body light , healthy and energetic. And if your body is energetic and active, so is the mind. If you can’t control your body, you can’t control your mind. Mind control is just like a prayer, you must have devotion for that. Else it will be a waste.

7) Meditation – unhealthy body follows with unhealthy mind and vice – versa. One must practice meditation daily to keep the body and mind healthy. Once you get to control over your mind, nothing will be impossible for you.

8) Try to keep good relationship with everyone around you – it’s your behavior which makes you loved or hated by everyone. Don’t get too much attached with anyone but be nice to everyone around you.

9) Stop judging others – to judge and being judged by someone is common. But if you pressurise your mind and think, judging anyone is totally a disturbance in your mind . Why to make our mind think about useless stuffs which ends with no result? Indulge your mind in meaningful things. It will make your mind sharp and active.

Your body is a machine which needs a fuel called powerful mind. Rule over your mind before your mind starts to rule upon you. I hope you read and understand this blog. It’s gonna help you in your daily lives and in frequent problems that you face . Thank you.

Have you ever?

We all are Daydreamers, Right? We all love to dream about our beautiful future,which includes- life goals, carrier goals, Adventure, love goals, to be a billionaire, explore the world, be a great foodie, travel and tour with friends and family, and a lot more . Let’s dream together about adventure today. Let’s see how beautiful the world is? There are many adventures which you should plan in your near future. Let’s not make our life boring and monotonous by following the same routine daily. Take out some time for yourself and your family from your busy schedules and explore the world. Hurry up! Scroll down .

1) Snow Trekking:- Visit – Nag Tibba Trek which is in Uttarakhand , near Mussoorie, India. It takes maximum two days to complete this trek. It is perfect for weekend and attracts many tourists from abroad. Or you may visit Kedarnath Trek . It is considered as one of the best climbs for beginners.

Nag Tibba Trek
Kedarnath Trek with Camping .

2) Bungee Jumping :- Visit Rishikesh, India for this adventure. Rishikesh is adventure capital of india. If you wanna fly like a bird, it’s a good option.This can give many of us goosebumps, but you should try it once if you are adventurous .

Bunjee jumping.

3) Scuba Diving :- The islands of Andaman is best for experiencing the thrill of scuba diving. It is the best underwater leisure activity. You may try this once in your life with someone you love , be it your family members or friends. Never try this alone. There are many precautions which you will have to take before trying this in order to be safe.

Scuba diving.

4) Surfing :- It is the most famous sports in Pondicherry , India . It is conducted on the forward face of the wave. If you wanna experience the adrenaline surge, you may go for it. It will be more than just perfect experience.


5) Paragliding:- Bir Billing in Himachal pradesh is the best place for paragliding. This is an adventurous sport that involves tying oneself to an inflated balloon . Some trainers would accompany you in these adventure rides like paragliding. All the safety measures should be followed dutifully.


6) Skiing :- Pahalgam in jammu & kashmir is best suited place for the purpose . During the winters , this area receives heavy snowfall which makes it ideal spot for skiing. Best time to visit here is October to February.


Jobs fill your pocket, but adventure fill your soul. Try to live for the moments which you can’t put into words. I hope you get a chance to live these moments in your life. Thank you.

Make your own Beetroot lipbalm, At home.

Surely the lips are most attractive part of our face . we can make it more attractive naturally. Hello girls out there ! Today bringing to you a new content about the Herbal lip balm hacks. You surely will be having beautiful lips and to make it much more healthy, more beautiful and protected, you have to work on it, a little more. Always now & then chemicals cosmetics for your skin is not at all good. Try this one out. This is the most helpful way to make your lips shiny and healthy always.

Pros of beetroot lip balm-

1) moisture to your lips – your lips will not look dry and chapped.

2) lips become shiny and glowing.

3) Retains lips to remain soft.

4) Heals the cut marks on the lips  caused due to dryness.

How you can make one at home –

1) Take fresh beet root and peel off it’s outer skin

2) Grate it using a grater.

3) Squeeze the syuff to extract the juice from it. Can be done by your hand or you may use tea sieve.

4) Put 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to the juice.

5) Pour some vaseline to the retained liquid.

6) Add few vitamin E capsule over it.

7) Let it boil for a minute .Cool it and put it in a container.

8) keep the Container in refrigerator for 2 minutes.

9) Voila ,the lip balm is ready now.

Recommended usage:Apply this lip balm before sleep time to bed frequently. naturally you will notice healing of your lips and a natural red / pinkish color appears. Try it out for yourself and mention your experience in the comments. Thank you.

Sad Realities of life –

Sad reality of life is that, reality is far from expectations.” The more you give importance to someone, the more you lose your importance in their life. Sometimes all you need to do is , just go with the flow. You can change a person but not their level of perception. So, try to accept things ,the way they are. This will not give you anything but Peace. And at the end if anything really matters is your mental peace. Happiness is rare, don’t try to find it, rather try to give it.

Today’s reality is –

1) The More the education, the less common sense a person possess.

2) We have big house with small family.

3) Advance medicines but poor health .

4) High income, less mental peace.

5) Lots of human beings but less humanity .

6) The more we earn, the lesser we eat.

7) Connected with everyone in social media but neighbors unknown.

8) People with high IQ but have less emotions.

9) We bought costly watches but have no time.

10) The more you love someone, the more you are alone and left unloved.

11) The greatest mistakes we make in our relationships is that – we listen half, understand quarter, think nill, react double.

12) No. of affairs, no true love.

13) More alcohol, less water.

14) Lots of friends in Facebook, but no best friend in real life.

15) Money is almost the everything in your life.

16) No one is busy for 24 hours, it’s all about their priority list.

17) The smiling face doesn’t guarantee happy person.

18) The more the knowledge, the more the crime.

19) The more protection, the more rapes.

20) More the education, less the manners.

Your own thoughts affect your health. So, don’t overthink. Sometimes you have to accept things the way they are. Whether you like it or not. You cannot upload love in your life. You cannot download time once it’s gone. Google cannot give answer to all your questions. So, just try to login the reality . This will improve the status of your life. Thank you.

Nasty mistakes which we all make :-

– By Sweeti

It’s human nature to point out finger towards others. Why to give them a chance? If someone speaks or uses wrong grammar , we start doubting about his / her intelligence. You cannot deny the fact that wrong grammar, spelling and punctuation marks are very important as they are considered as ones impression maker. It’s obvious to make mistakes as we all are humans and no one is born perfect. But the speciality of human beings is consciousness. So, let’s try to be conscious about our grammar.

Few grammatical mistakes that we often make are as follows :-

1) Don’t use “I” as the last word in a sentence. :- E.g.- a) Amanpreet talked with Ankita and me. (Correct) b) Amanpreet talked with Ankita and I. (Incorrect) . To understand the pronoun (I /Me) choice, remove the other person’s name and check what sounds right. E.g – ( After removing Ankita, check the sentence) Amanpreet talked with “I” . This is completely a wrong sentence .

2) Don’t use “Me” as the first word in a sentence. :- E.g- a) Me and Anant ate pizza yesterday. (Incorrect) . b) Anant and I ate pizza yesterday. (Correct)

3) Using “Blunder Mistake” in a sentence :- It’s absolutely wrong to use “blunder Mistake” in a sentence , as the word blunder itself means “careless mistake “. So, use only “blunder” instead.

4) Using “who” and “that” in a sentence :- Who is used when you describe a person whereas That is used when you describe an object. E.g.- a) Ritu is a girl who loves painting.(correct) b) Ritu is a girl that loves painting. (Incorrect) E.g.- a) His laptop is the one that hangs all the time.(correct) b) His laptop is the one who hangs all the time. (Incorrect)

5) Using lose and loose :- They are homophones, so people often get confused about them. Lose means to be unable to find something. E.g.- Losing your pen. Whereas, the word Loose means “not tightly attached”. E.g.- Loose clothes, jeans, etc.

6) Using Than and Then :- I often see people making mistakes here. Than is a word which is used mainly to make comparisons . E.g.- My dress is better than yours. Then is an adverb used to situate actions in time. E.g.- She made breakfast , and then she ate it.

English is a language to be practiced daily. If you want to reach perfection , practice it daily. Practice WSL – “Write, speak, listen” . I hope it helps you. Thank you.

Lets deal with Tricky homophones .

Let’s make our grammar more interesting and effective. Do you know what homophones are? Homophone is two or more word that differs in meaning and spelling but have the same pronunciation. Sometimes we get confused about it and we use it wrongly. So, let’s try and understand them with their meanings.

Some interesting Homophones with their meaning in Hindi

1) Advice (सलाह) – Advise (सलाह देना)

2) Ascent (आरोहण) – Assent (अनुमति)

3) Compliment (प्रशंसा) – Complement (पूरक हैं)

4) Dessert (मिठाई) – Desert (रेगिस्तान)

5) Morning (सुबह) – Mourning (शोक)

6) Precede (आगे होना)- Proceed (बढ़ना)

7) Principal (प्रधान अध्यापक ) – Principle (सिद्धांत)

8) Stationary (स्थिर) – Stationery (लेखन-सामग्री)

9) Steal (चुराना) – Steel (इस्पात)

10) Effect (प्रभाव)- Affect (को प्रभावित)

11) Led ( आगे बढ़ा) – Lead (आगे बढ़ना)

12) Who’s (कौन है) – Whose (किसका)

13) Practice ( अभ्यास) – Practise (अभ्यास करना)

14) Licence (अनुज्ञप्ति )- License (अनुज्ञा प्रदान करना)

15) Eligible (योग्य) – Illegible (अस्पष्ट)

16) Device (यंत्र)- Devise (वसीयत)

17) Allowed (अनुमति)- Aloud (जोर से)

18) Coarse (मोटा)- Course (कार्यप्रणाली)

19) Fair(निष्पक्ष) – Fare (किराया)

20) Whole(संपूर्ण) – Hole (छेद)

21) Stare (एकटक देखना)- Stair (सीढ़ी)

22) Week(सप्ताह)- Weak (कमज़ोर)

23) Weather(मौसम) – Whether( दोनों में से कौन सा)

24) Peace (शांति)- Piece (टुकड़ा)

25) Accede (मान लेना)Exceed (बढ़ना)

26) Elicit (निकालना) Illicit (अवैध)

27) Illusion(मोह माया) – Allusion (संकेत)

28) Incite (उत्तेजित) – Insight (अन्तर्दृष्टि)

29) Censor( नियंत्रक)- Sensor( ज्ञानेंद्री)

30) There (वहाँ) – Their (जो अपने)

Read it thoroughly, and understand their exact meaning. It will help you to find out your mistakes and you may work on it further to reach perfection. Thank you .

Grammar – The soul of language.

– By Sweeti

The attractiveness of correct grammar cannot be overstated.”

If you really wanna present yourself in English, you need to have perfect understanding in grammar. Because Grammar is the soul of English. If you speak English without using proper grammar, it will make no sense. Correct grammar demonstrates your English skills and improves your personality.

If you go for a job interview, the first impression is – the way you speak English. The way you write and the way you respond. Someone of us might be having proper knowledge of grammar but struggling with bad spelling problem. I’ll try and deal with all those sectors in my blogs.

How to improve your grammar?

1) Read Books – Make a consistent reading habit. It will help you improve your vocabulary. A good reader is a good writer as well. Reading newspaper daily will be helpful for the purpose.

2) Converse always in English – It’s obvious to face problem in grammar as many of us don’t have English as our mother tongue. In order to be fluent in English , try to make conversations in English. It will help you to learn from others and Spot their mistakes as well.

3) Practice – Grammar is not about rote learning and simply mug up. It’s all about practice. The more you practice, the more fluent you will be. Read blogs, newspaper, articles, try to speak, write, converse, all in English. If you write something in English daily, it will definitely help you to improve your spelling problem.

Common grammatical mistakes which we all make in our daily lives :-

1) Using words wrongly – like accepted /excepted. We make mistakes usually as they both sound very similar. E.g. – He excepted(excluded) his offer. He accepted (granted) his offer.

2) Using apostrophe wrongly – confusion between it’s and its. When we say it’s, we mean “it is” or “it has”. And when we use its , we mean “belonging to it.” E.g- The rat was licking it’s (it is /it has) tail .(Wrong) The rat was licking its tail. (Correct)

3) Missing comma in the sentence – It’s a blunder to miss comma in a sentence, as it tends to change its meaning . E.g.- Let’s eat Grandpa ! (Wrong) Let’s eat, Grandpa! (Correct)

4) Subject-verb agreement – It means, in a sentence if the subject is singular, it’s verb should also be singular and in case, if the subject is plural, its verb should also be plural. E.g.- The two best things about the picnic was the food and the fun.(wrong) The two best things about the picnic were the food and the fun. (Correct)

Whenever you stuck up in a grammatical issue, take a moment spare for yourself and look it up. It will save you from embarrassment and help you to be confident. Keep reading my blogs, you will learn something. And everyone knows –” something is better than nothing “.