Lets deal with Tricky homophones .

Let’s make our grammar more interesting and effective. Do you know what homophones are? Homophone is two or more word that differs in meaning and spelling but have the same pronunciation. Sometimes we get confused about it and we use it wrongly. So, let’s try and understand them with their meanings.

Some interesting Homophones with their meaning in Hindi

1) Advice (सलाह) – Advise (सलाह देना)

2) Ascent (आरोहण) – Assent (अनुमति)

3) Compliment (प्रशंसा) – Complement (पूरक हैं)

4) Dessert (मिठाई) – Desert (रेगिस्तान)

5) Morning (सुबह) – Mourning (शोक)

6) Precede (आगे होना)- Proceed (बढ़ना)

7) Principal (प्रधान अध्यापक ) – Principle (सिद्धांत)

8) Stationary (स्थिर) – Stationery (लेखन-सामग्री)

9) Steal (चुराना) – Steel (इस्पात)

10) Effect (प्रभाव)- Affect (को प्रभावित)

11) Led ( आगे बढ़ा) – Lead (आगे बढ़ना)

12) Who’s (कौन है) – Whose (किसका)

13) Practice ( अभ्यास) – Practise (अभ्यास करना)

14) Licence (अनुज्ञप्ति )- License (अनुज्ञा प्रदान करना)

15) Eligible (योग्य) – Illegible (अस्पष्ट)

16) Device (यंत्र)- Devise (वसीयत)

17) Allowed (अनुमति)- Aloud (जोर से)

18) Coarse (मोटा)- Course (कार्यप्रणाली)

19) Fair(निष्पक्ष) – Fare (किराया)

20) Whole(संपूर्ण) – Hole (छेद)

21) Stare (एकटक देखना)- Stair (सीढ़ी)

22) Week(सप्ताह)- Weak (कमज़ोर)

23) Weather(मौसम) – Whether( दोनों में से कौन सा)

24) Peace (शांति)- Piece (टुकड़ा)

25) Accede (मान लेना)Exceed (बढ़ना)

26) Elicit (निकालना) Illicit (अवैध)

27) Illusion(मोह माया) – Allusion (संकेत)

28) Incite (उत्तेजित) – Insight (अन्तर्दृष्टि)

29) Censor( नियंत्रक)- Sensor( ज्ञानेंद्री)

30) There (वहाँ) – Their (जो अपने)

Read it thoroughly, and understand their exact meaning. It will help you to find out your mistakes and you may work on it further to reach perfection. Thank you .

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