Nasty mistakes which we all make :-

– By Sweeti

It’s human nature to point out finger towards others. Why to give them a chance? If someone speaks or uses wrong grammar , we start doubting about his / her intelligence. You cannot deny the fact that wrong grammar, spelling and punctuation marks are very important as they are considered as ones impression maker. It’s obvious to make mistakes as we all are humans and no one is born perfect. But the speciality of human beings is consciousness. So, let’s try to be conscious about our grammar.

Few grammatical mistakes that we often make are as follows :-

1) Don’t use “I” as the last word in a sentence. :- E.g.- a) Amanpreet talked with Ankita and me. (Correct) b) Amanpreet talked with Ankita and I. (Incorrect) . To understand the pronoun (I /Me) choice, remove the other person’s name and check what sounds right. E.g – ( After removing Ankita, check the sentence) Amanpreet talked with “I” . This is completely a wrong sentence .

2) Don’t use “Me” as the first word in a sentence. :- E.g- a) Me and Anant ate pizza yesterday. (Incorrect) . b) Anant and I ate pizza yesterday. (Correct)

3) Using “Blunder Mistake” in a sentence :- It’s absolutely wrong to use “blunder Mistake” in a sentence , as the word blunder itself means “careless mistake “. So, use only “blunder” instead.

4) Using “who” and “that” in a sentence :- Who is used when you describe a person whereas That is used when you describe an object. E.g.- a) Ritu is a girl who loves painting.(correct) b) Ritu is a girl that loves painting. (Incorrect) E.g.- a) His laptop is the one that hangs all the time.(correct) b) His laptop is the one who hangs all the time. (Incorrect)

5) Using lose and loose :- They are homophones, so people often get confused about them. Lose means to be unable to find something. E.g.- Losing your pen. Whereas, the word Loose means “not tightly attached”. E.g.- Loose clothes, jeans, etc.

6) Using Than and Then :- I often see people making mistakes here. Than is a word which is used mainly to make comparisons . E.g.- My dress is better than yours. Then is an adverb used to situate actions in time. E.g.- She made breakfast , and then she ate it.

English is a language to be practiced daily. If you want to reach perfection , practice it daily. Practice WSL – “Write, speak, listen” . I hope it helps you. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Nasty mistakes which we all make :-

    1. Man is singular and Men is plural.
      If we talk about the single person, we use Man. E.g.- He is the man who used to play guitar. If we talk about the group , we use Men. E.g. Few Men I saw was laughing.

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