Make your own Beetroot lipbalm, At home.

Surely the lips are most attractive part of our face . we can make it more attractive naturally. Hello girls out there ! Today bringing to you a new content about the Herbal lip balm hacks. You surely will be having beautiful lips and to make it much more healthy, more beautiful and protected, you have to work on it, a little more. Always now & then chemicals cosmetics for your skin is not at all good. Try this one out. This is the most helpful way to make your lips shiny and healthy always.

Pros of beetroot lip balm-

1) moisture to your lips – your lips will not look dry and chapped.

2) lips become shiny and glowing.

3) Retains lips to remain soft.

4) Heals the cut marks on the lips  caused due to dryness.

How you can make one at home –

1) Take fresh beet root and peel off it’s outer skin

2) Grate it using a grater.

3) Squeeze the syuff to extract the juice from it. Can be done by your hand or you may use tea sieve.

4) Put 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to the juice.

5) Pour some vaseline to the retained liquid.

6) Add few vitamin E capsule over it.

7) Let it boil for a minute .Cool it and put it in a container.

8) keep the Container in refrigerator for 2 minutes.

9) Voila ,the lip balm is ready now.

Recommended usage:Apply this lip balm before sleep time to bed frequently. naturally you will notice healing of your lips and a natural red / pinkish color appears. Try it out for yourself and mention your experience in the comments. Thank you.

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