Sad Realities of life –

Sad reality of life is that, reality is far from expectations.” The more you give importance to someone, the more you lose your importance in their life. Sometimes all you need to do is , just go with the flow. You can change a person but not their level of perception. So, try to accept things ,the way they are. This will not give you anything but Peace. And at the end if anything really matters is your mental peace. Happiness is rare, don’t try to find it, rather try to give it.

Today’s reality is –

1) The More the education, the less common sense a person possess.

2) We have big house with small family.

3) Advance medicines but poor health .

4) High income, less mental peace.

5) Lots of human beings but less humanity .

6) The more we earn, the lesser we eat.

7) Connected with everyone in social media but neighbors unknown.

8) People with high IQ but have less emotions.

9) We bought costly watches but have no time.

10) The more you love someone, the more you are alone and left unloved.

11) The greatest mistakes we make in our relationships is that – we listen half, understand quarter, think nill, react double.

12) No. of affairs, no true love.

13) More alcohol, less water.

14) Lots of friends in Facebook, but no best friend in real life.

15) Money is almost the everything in your life.

16) No one is busy for 24 hours, it’s all about their priority list.

17) The smiling face doesn’t guarantee happy person.

18) The more the knowledge, the more the crime.

19) The more protection, the more rapes.

20) More the education, less the manners.

Your own thoughts affect your health. So, don’t overthink. Sometimes you have to accept things the way they are. Whether you like it or not. You cannot upload love in your life. You cannot download time once it’s gone. Google cannot give answer to all your questions. So, just try to login the reality . This will improve the status of your life. Thank you.

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