Don’t mislead your juniors by saying marks isn’t important.

Marks is your ability to prove your knowledge and snatch your seat. Hello friends! Today I’m gonna put my views on the topic – For a student, Is marks /percentage of boards / other exams important or not ? After CBSE released the boards result , many got excellent percentages , many got just averageContinue reading “Don’t mislead your juniors by saying marks isn’t important.”

Lockdown – A lesson for everyone.

Lockdown! This is not just a word, it’s a change. I don’t know whether this change is for good or bad. But ofcourse it’s a learning phase for each one of us. It taught us many things. We came to know about out priorities and things which actually matters. The things and the people whomContinue reading “Lockdown – A lesson for everyone.”

How to have control over our mind?

– By sweeti That which consumes your mind, controls your life. -Anonymous “Your mind can be your greatest friend if you control it , but if it controls you it can be your greatest enemy.” Try to have control over your mind . It’s one of the most difficult task but if you do so,Continue reading “How to have control over our mind?”