How to have control over our mind?

– By sweeti

That which consumes your mind, controls your life.


“Your mind can be your greatest friend if you control it , but if it controls you it can be your greatest enemy.” Try to have control over your mind . It’s one of the most difficult task but if you do so, you will be the most successful person on this planet. Mind is the fastest thing in the world. Its your body which is relaxing on a chair but your mind must be roaming all over the world ,within few seconds. It’s not people , Its always your own thought which makes you happy or sad . Rather than blaming others , try to change yourself, try to avoid Overthinking and stop expecting with others. Be happy and satisfied in whatever you have . Self satisfaction is the key to happiness.

Mind control is a character strength that improves the quality of your life. Let’s assume a case – You promised and choosed to love a person and do things for him /her. So, why to expect the same thing to be done by others. They haven’t promised you. It’s you who have assumed that if you help him /her, they will do the same. So, whose fault is this? Obviously it’s your fault. Try to have control over your mind and your body. And because it’s your own property you have the right to control it. You cannot control anyone else in this world. You can neither change a person nor impose your thoughts upon them. All you can do is let go things.

You have to train your mind to be tougher than your feelings and your sentiments. Don’t let your heart dominate over your mind. It’s your mind which is capable to think about you and your future. Your heart just know to beat and feel. So, it’s all your choice, what to give priority and to what not and work accordingly.

You must be thinking why to control mind?

1) It provides you happiness and peace of mind.

2) It nourishes your personality.

3) It helps you to increase your concentration level.

4) It makes you work more precisely and confidently.

5) It provides you courage to face with difficult situations.

6) It keeps you in good mental and physical health.

Ways to control your mind :-

1) Try not to get affected with likes and dislikes. – “kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam h kehna” We have this quotation in hindi which is very true. If someone dislikes you, never make yourself sad. Everyone has difference taste. You cannot please everyone around you. If you like something or someone. You cannot make everyone like that thing. Everyone has their own views about things. Try to be mature and have control over your mind. You need not show your inner feelings always. This shows your weakness. Try to keep few things private about yourself.

2) Avoid having a feeling of frequent guilt – you should always be calm and in a jolly mood. We often speak nonsense to someone or abuse them and feel guilty for that after sometime . Why to feel guilty? Will feeling guilty make everything ok again? Your answer will be “No”. They must have done something to you before, for that you have taken revenge by abusing them. It’s according to Newton’s third law- every action has equal and opposite reaction. So, rather than feeling guilty try to have control over your mind and try not to repeat the same mistakes again . Think before what you speak and what you do. Use your brain smartly. Don’t make it diseased by always thinking negative and feeling guilty.

3) Try to live a moral life– it’s very difficult to find someone well mannered and disciplined these days. No one actually cares about the things which really matters about your personality and your character. The way you behave defines your background . It’s your mind which is making you aggressive and short- tempered . This will not harm anyone else but you. It’s making you dull day by day. Try to live a moral life. It helps you to be healthy and happy.

4) Avoid interference in others life – A person who lacks interest in their life tend to interfere in others lives. Try to avoid gossips. It makes your mind still and take your mind in a wrong direction. Try to use your brain, don’t misuse it wrongly. Put your mind in fruitful things.

5) Avoid vain controversy – Try to keep yourself away from foolish controversies. Don’t waste your mind in worthless topics. It only disturbs your mind and nothing else.

6) Try to intake only satvik foods – it’s believed that eating satvik food keeps you cheerful. You feel your body light , healthy and energetic. And if your body is energetic and active, so is the mind. If you can’t control your body, you can’t control your mind. Mind control is just like a prayer, you must have devotion for that. Else it will be a waste.

7) Meditation – unhealthy body follows with unhealthy mind and vice – versa. One must practice meditation daily to keep the body and mind healthy. Once you get to control over your mind, nothing will be impossible for you.

8) Try to keep good relationship with everyone around you – it’s your behavior which makes you loved or hated by everyone. Don’t get too much attached with anyone but be nice to everyone around you.

9) Stop judging others – to judge and being judged by someone is common. But if you pressurise your mind and think, judging anyone is totally a disturbance in your mind . Why to make our mind think about useless stuffs which ends with no result? Indulge your mind in meaningful things. It will make your mind sharp and active.

Your body is a machine which needs a fuel called powerful mind. Rule over your mind before your mind starts to rule upon you. I hope you read and understand this blog. It’s gonna help you in your daily lives and in frequent problems that you face . Thank you.

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