Lockdown – A lesson for everyone.

Lockdown! This is not just a word, it’s a change. I don’t know whether this change is for good or bad. But ofcourse it’s a learning phase for each one of us. It taught us many things. We came to know about out priorities and things which actually matters. The things and the people whom we thought to be important was not genuinely not . We can live with few people around us. We don’t need to have so much of fame and security. Even people having lots of security are suffering from corona . To earn money is important but the thing which is more important than that is saving. Ones who haven’t saved anything, is suffering now. This is the time when you can’t even blame anyone. All we can do is just try to learn from all this.

Saving for future consumption.

Agree or not but every time we hear about the end of this lockdown. We have that mixed feeling in our mind that do we really wanna go back to the normal days or not? And even if we want to, what are the things which we really need to be back. Why the hell mind is so confused? Were we not happy in our past days? Many questions arises from this. Let’s find out what actually make us feel so.

Yes, we all were not happy in our past days, rather we pretended to be happy. We prepared our mind to accept everything which made us uncomfortable and uneasy. Because we had no other option left with us. We all were tired of all this stuffs – The greed, attitude, ego, jealously, betrayal, anger,selfishness, boasting , fake people, etc. Lockdown ended everything and left us helpless. We realised that these things weren’t important. Love everyone even if you don’t get loved by everyone in return. Life is short, live it by your actions not your words.

At the beginning, it was all like something new happened in the world. People were excited about the new trends and they keep themselves busy updating the picture of themselves baking, cooking, playing, and many latest things. I realized, it’s not necessary to be so busy. We actually need not to be so busy.We can make out time for our family and friends. We have time for everything. It’s all about your willingness. I came to know that no one is more important than your family. The actual happiness for which we all were searching all around the world is present in our homes.

By self musing you can understand this concept.

Keep yourself surrounded with people who are real and true . The ones who really cares about you and genuinely loves you. You may not have many friends but you will surely have the true ones. This will keep you positive and happy. This lockdown taught me that not everyone matters. It’s better to keep quite and listen to others rather than engaging in controversies with them. It end up having nothing but a tensed mind. You cannot make everyone understand you. And even it’s not necessary to be loved and cared by everyone.

Many must have realised that to cook is not a big deal. Just watch recepies and have a perfect meal for yourself. The lockdown have negative impacts as well. Lockdown taught me that we cannot take everything for granted. There are few things which are actually important. Like your studies, exercise, help your mother in households, help your father, give water to plants, give time to your siblings, your friends, your partner.

This lockdown made me realize that it’s important to give your time to genuine people. There should not be any communication gap. Time is the most precious thing which you can offer to anyone.

Happiness doesn’t cost you much if you pay it on right people.

– sweeti

I hope you must have enjoyed reading this blog by realising the reality. Thank you.

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