Don’t mislead your juniors by saying marks isn’t important.

Marks is your ability to prove your knowledge and snatch your seat.

Hello friends! Today I’m gonna put my views on the topic – For a student, Is marks /percentage of boards / other exams important or not ? After CBSE released the boards result , many got excellent percentages , many got just average and many failed. Marks can judge your efforts not your future. A person cannot get 90% without putting efforts. May be in future you excel inspite of getting less marks in boards. But it can only happen if you work hard and get good marks later. So, at the end marks is important.

I saw many posts in which people have consolidated the students saying marks isn’t important, it doesn’t decide your intelligence and your future. To them I wanna say – Ask the importance of marks from a person who failed in boards. Is marks important for him/her or not? Will he/she eligible for any exams in future? If you say it’s the society who have imposed that mentality that failures can’t achieve anything. It’s true to say that failures are the pillar of success. But to succeed ,you have to work hard. And if you really work hard, you will never fail. Why to be failure first and then succeed? Why can’t you encourage your juniors and children to work hard from the very beginning?

Why today’s consolidation hamper next generation? It’s the rarest of the rare case in which a failure becomes IAS and for becoming an IAS officer you need marks. Now tell me , Is marks not important? For each and every exam marks is important. You will be always judged by your marks and your performance. It’s the bitter truth, accept it or not ,it won’t be changed.

Tell me one thing, what if your parents have never told you about the importance of board exams? Had you really studied after knowing this? No one will study if there will be no marks /percentage criteria. Then your results hadn’t be more than 70%, like you used to get in 7th , 8th standard. Pressure is important to study as everyone doesn’t have that Inborn dedication. So, don’t try to mislead your juniors saying them marks isn’t important. We all know, to get a good impression marks is important.

Boards result shows not only your percentage but also your efforts. How much attention you have paid to your studies? How honest you are towards your goals? Yes, it doesn’t show how intelligent you are because you must be not good in studies but excellent in other fields. A person getting less marks in studies may be the world champion in football, basketball or tennis. It’s absolutely wrong to judge a person’s intelligence by his/her marks because his intelligence may be in other fields not in studies. You should always follow your field of interest. You will surely succeed then.

Boards moto is not to judge you, rather they tell you the importance of studies and marks in your future and in your life. They encourage you to work hard, get good marks and get the bright future ahead.

It’s not guarantee that good marks lead you to the stars but still it makes you capable to find that star.


Getting good marks shows the amount of knowledge you gained. And if you have knowledge you will not sit idol. School time is the time when you can actually gain as much of knowledge as you can. Study for your knowledge, marks will surely follow.

Marks is important to get admission into top private colleges as well as some government colleges. It’s not a big deal to get good marks, all you have to do is be honest in studies. And at the end , according to me, marks is important.

I hope you agree with this and if not comment below. Thank you.

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