Divorce – A curse to the society.

“Divorce” , the word itself sounds so unlikely and cringe . A divorce is a legal action that is performed between married people to terminate their marriage relationship for the rest of their lives. It can be referred to as dissolution of marriage and is basically, the legal action that ends the marriage before the death of either of the spouse. It is a legal activity although but it has a very bad effect in the society and our next generation. There are problems in every relationship , be it friendship, love Or anything else. And every problem has a solution. In order to avoid divorce , there must be mutual understanding between both the couples. They should be matured enough to think and understand the intensity of their actions. It not only affects one’s children, family and relations but also affects the society . It puts negative impacts on everyone. There are many reasons of divorce in our indian culture. They are adultery, cruelty, physical and mental harassment, desertion, conversion of religion, unsoundness of mind, Schizophrenia, lack of respect, venereal disease, marital rape, frequent fights, lack of understanding, poor financial conditions of husband, abusive behavior, ego, extra marital affair, stress, not satisfied with each other , lack of trust and many more.

If both the partners are independent and are well educated, divorce rarely happens. Problems of divorce are many. You have to understand if there are many problems before divorce then there must be having equal problems after divorce. You have make yourself prepared for the coming challenging problems to face them alone. There is remedy to all your problems if you try to find them out and work on them. Divorce is the way but it’s not the only way. Try to convince yourself first then others. Try to be down to the ground and less egoistic. It’s absolutely wrong to get a divorce without having genuine problems. I notice people, they have made it a trend. A person after getting married should understand his/her responsibilities and limitations. It only happens when one of the spouse crosses their limits and try to escape from their responsibilities. Its absolutely not a game, it’s a lesson for everybody so think before you take any step . It’s not just for you but also for the society. Extra martial affairs is a crime. You should keep yourself under few boundaries which is important. Lack of understanding is just because you lack trust on each other. If husband earns less, wife should cooperate. It’s not his responsibilities alone. It’s a request to all the wives to support your husbands which will reduce his stress. The husbands who are violent towards his wife should understand his limitations as a human being at least and give her the respect she owns. A couple after having children get laden with many more responsibilities. If they fight or take divorce, it adversely affects their children mentality, health and growth. Try to sort out your problems to give your children a better future. Try to work on their nourishment rather than your stupid fights. Try to be a good parents. Don’t set a bad example for them. This will ruin their future and make them violent too. Don’t judge anybody with deceptive things because it fades away with time. Try and go for the things which are permanent and which actually matters. Looks always changes with age, behavior can be corrected and improved by developing trust and respect for each other. The thing which is genuinely important is care, support and trust. Relationships are easier to make but very difficult to keep up. Most often relationship gets affected by habit of backbiting and also by making lots and lots of complains about his /her spouse in front of others. It damages your own respect towards your spouse and puts a negative effect on your relationship. Try to complain only infront of him/her. There’s no need to tell your problems to everybody around. Try to sit and solve your problems using your own mind and consciousness. Most probably relationships come to an end because of taking everybody’s advice and not using your own mind. If you keep on taking advices from others and act accordingly, it will be you who will be the loser at the end and you will have nothing to regret after that. People rarely give you right advices, so try to stay away from all this. To have a heathy relationship try and build trust, don’t hurt each other, respect each other’s decision, be a good supporter, stop showing your ego, understand them, love them and care for each other. Life is very short to live, spread positivity and happiness all around. Divorce is not the only way. Abstain yourself from this curse.

To make your relationships grow healthy, there are few things which requires your attention . Both of the spouse need to take care of few things like Respect each other at any cost, think before you speak, never compare your partner to anyone else, keep yourself mentally and physically fit and take care of each other, make him/her your priority for always , forgive each other, never try to change your partner, don’t make frequent complains, avoid big words like divorce, control your emotions as much as possible, make yourself satisfied for what you have, never regret on those things which you don’t have , never talk bad words for each other infront of other people. It weakens your bonding. Try to understand the language of love and fulfill each other’s expectations to the best you can. If you want someone to give their 100% in a relationship, first learn to give your 100% to them. What you give , you get.

I hope you understand the Deepness of the words. Thanks for reading.

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