Divorce – A curse to the society.

“Divorce” , the word itself sounds so unlikely and cringe . A divorce is a legal action that is performed between married people to terminate their marriage relationship for the rest of their lives. It can be referred to as dissolution of marriage and is basically, the legal action that ends the marriage before theContinue reading “Divorce – A curse to the society.”

Self-love: the greatest healer-

Self love… when said you must be thinking it is being selfish? it’s a common belief that until when a person can’t care and love themselves, they can’t love anyone else. You have to be yourself despite when someone rejects your existence. And giving priority to yourself is self-love. Self-love: the greatest healer-Trying to discoverContinue reading “Self-love: the greatest healer-“

Don’t mislead your juniors by saying marks isn’t important.

Marks is your ability to prove your knowledge and snatch your seat. Hello friends! Today I’m gonna put my views on the topic – For a student, Is marks /percentage of boards / other exams important or not ? After CBSE released the boards result , many got excellent percentages , many got just averageContinue reading “Don’t mislead your juniors by saying marks isn’t important.”

Lockdown – A lesson for everyone.

Lockdown! This is not just a word, it’s a change. I don’t know whether this change is for good or bad. But ofcourse it’s a learning phase for each one of us. It taught us many things. We came to know about out priorities and things which actually matters. The things and the people whomContinue reading “Lockdown – A lesson for everyone.”

How to have control over our mind?

– By sweeti That which consumes your mind, controls your life. -Anonymous “Your mind can be your greatest friend if you control it , but if it controls you it can be your greatest enemy.” Try to have control over your mind . It’s one of the most difficult task but if you do so,Continue reading “How to have control over our mind?”

Have you ever?

We all are Daydreamers, Right? We all love to dream about our beautiful future,which includes- life goals, carrier goals, Adventure, love goals, to be a billionaire, explore the world, be a great foodie, travel and tour with friends and family, and a lot more . Let’s dream together about adventure today. Let’s see how beautifulContinue reading “Have you ever?”

Make your own Beetroot lipbalm, At home.

Surely the lips are most attractive part of our face . we can make it more attractive naturally. Hello girls out there ! Today bringing to you a new content about the Herbal lip balm hacks. You surely will be having beautiful lips and to make it much more healthy, more beautiful and protected, youContinue reading “Make your own Beetroot lipbalm, At home.”

Nasty mistakes which we all make :-

– By Sweeti It’s human nature to point out finger towards others. Why to give them a chance? If someone speaks or uses wrong grammar , we start doubting about his / her intelligence. You cannot deny the fact that wrong grammar, spelling and punctuation marks are very important as they are considered as onesContinue reading “Nasty mistakes which we all make :-“

Lets deal with Tricky homophones .

Let’s make our grammar more interesting and effective. Do you know what homophones are? Homophone is two or more word that differs in meaning and spelling but have the same pronunciation. Sometimes we get confused about it and we use it wrongly. So, let’s try and understand them with their meanings. Some interesting Homophones withContinue reading “Lets deal with Tricky homophones .”