Grammar – The soul of language.

– By Sweeti

The attractiveness of correct grammar cannot be overstated.”

If you really wanna present yourself in English, you need to have perfect understanding in grammar. Because Grammar is the soul of English. If you speak English without using proper grammar, it will make no sense. Correct grammar demonstrates your English skills and improves your personality.

If you go for a job interview, the first impression is – the way you speak English. The way you write and the way you respond. Someone of us might be having proper knowledge of grammar but struggling with bad spelling problem. I’ll try and deal with all those sectors in my blogs.

How to improve your grammar?

1) Read Books – Make a consistent reading habit. It will help you improve your vocabulary. A good reader is a good writer as well. Reading newspaper daily will be helpful for the purpose.

2) Converse always in English – It’s obvious to face problem in grammar as many of us don’t have English as our mother tongue. In order to be fluent in English , try to make conversations in English. It will help you to learn from others and Spot their mistakes as well.

3) Practice – Grammar is not about rote learning and simply mug up. It’s all about practice. The more you practice, the more fluent you will be. Read blogs, newspaper, articles, try to speak, write, converse, all in English. If you write something in English daily, it will definitely help you to improve your spelling problem.

Common grammatical mistakes which we all make in our daily lives :-

1) Using words wrongly – like accepted /excepted. We make mistakes usually as they both sound very similar. E.g. – He excepted(excluded) his offer. He accepted (granted) his offer.

2) Using apostrophe wrongly – confusion between it’s and its. When we say it’s, we mean “it is” or “it has”. And when we use its , we mean “belonging to it.” E.g- The rat was licking it’s (it is /it has) tail .(Wrong) The rat was licking its tail. (Correct)

3) Missing comma in the sentence – It’s a blunder to miss comma in a sentence, as it tends to change its meaning . E.g.- Let’s eat Grandpa ! (Wrong) Let’s eat, Grandpa! (Correct)

4) Subject-verb agreement – It means, in a sentence if the subject is singular, it’s verb should also be singular and in case, if the subject is plural, its verb should also be plural. E.g.- The two best things about the picnic was the food and the fun.(wrong) The two best things about the picnic were the food and the fun. (Correct)

Whenever you stuck up in a grammatical issue, take a moment spare for yourself and look it up. It will save you from embarrassment and help you to be confident. Keep reading my blogs, you will learn something. And everyone knows –” something is better than nothing “.

Self-love is the greatest Medicine –

Self love is the greatest Medicine

Self-love! As the heading suggests, you must be thinking it’s about being selfish. But it’s a general belief that if a person can’t handle and love themselves, they can’t love anyone else in their surrounding. You have to choose yourself even if someone rejects you. choosing yourself is self-care. Try to discover your own happiness. Think about yourself, your future, your carrier.

Ever worked on your personality? Ever tried to improve yourself? The answer is “No”. I wanna know from you all –why man! It’s your growing age and this is the time when you can polish your talent. Rather than wasting time to impress someone, try to impress your self. This will surely give you internal and eternal happiness.

Are you impressed by yourself? Again the answer will be “No”. Cool! When you yourself is not convinced about what you are. How can you expect others to love you?

Here are some ways through which you can adapt self love –

1) Always know your importance – You are important and you matter to yourself a lot. Stay away from the things which hurt you. Understand your worth. Even if loving someone who doesn’t love you back hurts you. Leave that person, change your path. There are solutions to every problem. Look for your happiness first making sure that you don’t hurt a person intentionally.

Self love is the greatest Medicine

2) Your wants and needs – Stop thinking about what others will think? Others will say, etc. If it’s giving you happiness, go with that without a doubt on it. You will notice that the things which give you happiness, never let you down. Because when you happily do something, you become perfect at it. So, never wait for someone to comment. Do it because you love it. You will find the change.

Self love is the greatest Medicine

3) Give yourself compliments every day – why to wait for someone’s comment? You too have eyes I guess. You can see how you look. Try to appreciate your looks, you are beautiful the way you are. Because we all are God’s creation, and God never makes mistakes. If you think you look good, you will develop confidence in yourself and this will keep you happy always.

Self love is the greatest Medicine

4) Never fear to say “No”– Everyone wants to be a priority, right? If someone chooses you as an option. Remember to say a big “No”. This is not an ego man! It’s called as a self-respect. If you respect yourself and love yourself, try to maintain your self-respect. It will make your character strong. And you will never feel down.

Self love is the greatest Medicine

5) Never open yourself towards others – it simply means that never let a person know about your weakness and strength. It should be private. Even if you are close to a person. “Closeness doesn’t guarantee forever” – sweeti. Maintain a proper distance from others. Totally imposing yourself to others will not give you anything but sadness. There should be privacy between you and your thoughts.

Self love is the greatest Medicine

Always remember guys! Never be too much available for others, otherwise, you will lose your importance. I hope this blog helps you. Thank you.